Take action to save our ferries!

The recent petition that you helped deliver to the Governor was an important step in letting Olympia know how crucial the ferries are to our lives. Now, the Legislature needs to hear from you too.

In the next few weeks, the state legislature will be working on the budget and considering bills that directly relate to the ferry system. It’s vital that our representatives understand how critical it is that the ferry system be funded sustainably and continue to provide a level of service essential for life in ferry-served communities. We will be focusing on this issue for the next two weeks, barring a high-priority announcement.

Please consider contacting your elected representatives soon and let them know how important the ferry system is to you!

Here are key elements that need to be stressed in your letters, phone calls, and/or emails:

  • No reduction in essential services; seek efficiencies in management and operations instead.
  • Washington State Ferries must be adequately funded for the long term; funding must include money for both adequate operations and new ferry construction.
  • The ferry system must operate with transparency and accountability in order that taxpayers’ money is spent wisely and efficiently.

Let our representatives know how essential the ferry system is to your business, your employment, and your quality of life. Personal stories are compelling and can speak much more effectively than statistics!

Who to Contact

Local representatives’ contact info can be found on their homepages below:

  • Senator Kevin Ranker’s homepage.
  • Represenative Jeff Morris’ homepage.
  • Representative Kristine Lytton’s homepage.

Ferry Caucus

The Ferry Caucus is a bipartisan group of legislators representing Puget Sound’s ferry communities. They recently wrote a letter to Governor Gregoire which contains excellent background information and talking points for your letters.

House and Senate Transportation Committee members

The Transportation Committees consider the transportation budget, revenue sources for transportation funding, and issues relating to transportation policy and transportation agencies, including the Washington State Ferry system. Representative Morris is on the House Transportation Committee.

  • House Transportation Committee homepage.
  • Senate Transportation Committee homepage.

Legislation under consideration

Here are two articles on the current legislative bills dealing with the ferry system:

Thank you for your support and for taking the time to let your voice be heard in Olympia!