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Thank you for visiting this website. It is no longer being updated, but we will maintain it for archival purposes as long as possible.

For residents of the San Juan Islands, ferries are more than a quaint way to get from point A to point B—they are an integral part of the Washington state highway system, enabling travel to and from the mainland.

The San Juan Islands Ferry Group consists of residents of the San Juan Islands who want to be informed about current issues related to the ferry system and who want to work with the Ferry Advisory Committee (FAC) and the Washington State Ferry system (WSF) to find solutions to on-going challenges. We recognize that it is more productive to be part of the solution than to sit on the sidelines and criticize.

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This site is a place to find links to reports and other pertinent documents as well as information about local meetings related to the ferry system. This is also a place to ask questions and to provide feedback to representatives of the FAC. Differing points of view are welcome here, but comments will be monitored for abusive or offensive language and may be removed at the discretion of the site moderators.

Whenever you comment you will have the option to be notified if someone replies to your comment. If you do not add your own comments, you do need to skim the site to see comments posted by others. We encourage you to comment whenever appropriate.

Please see the SJI Ferry Group Discussion Terms of Conduct for the details of our discussion policy.


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Want to become more involved or to report actions you have taken? Email us at sjiferrygroup@gmail.com.

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