Upcoming Survey: Reservation System

If you didn’t previously have an opinion about the reservation system, you likely do now.

Whether you love it, hate it, or fall somewhere in between, you will soon have an opportunity to provide feedback via a survey distributed by the Washington State Transportation Commission. Here’s the text of a notice that was sent out this morning:

At the end of this week you will be getting a survey from the Washington State Transportation Commission (WSTC) asking Ferry Riders Opinion Group (FROG) members like you to evaluate the current WSF reservation system.

If you know of anyone who would like to take this survey but are not a member of the FROG survey panel, it’s easy for them to join!

Just send them the sign-up link below and they will receive the FROG reservation survey.

Ferry Riders Opinion Group (FROG)

All results of FROG surveys are shared with WSF leaders, the Governor and the Legislature. The more people who participate in FROG surveys, the more impact your collective voice will have. We hope you will take this upcoming survey and also encourage your friends and family join today to help shape the future of WSF.

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2 thoughts on “Upcoming Survey: Reservation System

  1. maclangford

    The value of the survey will depend on its wording and structure. Some in the past have not allowed for useful feedback.


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