Senator Ranker Asks for Input on the Ferry Reservation System

Sen. Kevin Ranker (40th District) released the following statement about vehicle reservations:

June 1, 2015

“Over the past several weeks, I’ve heard from many of you regarding your ideas, questions and concerns regarding the Washington State Ferries Reservation system.

“I want you to know that I too have questions and share some of your concerns. While some of you have shared stories with me regarding significant benefits of the reservation system, others have expressed serious concerns stating that the reservation system has made it difficult for locals and businesses that rely on our ferries.

“One thing is for sure, the implementation of the Reservation System is a work in progress and while I do not anticipate, nor do I support, the repeal of the system, there are likely to be changes made as we learn what works and what doesn’t.

“In addition to receiving comments from dozens of individuals at my office in Olympia and on the island, I have held meetings with members of our lodging industry, construction industry, local ferry workers, chamber of commerce, visitor’s bureau and others. I have also met directly with State Transportation Secretary Lynn Peterson.

“These meetings have been productive and critical toward understanding all aspects of this issue. I have provided a letter to Secretary Peterson that lays out my preliminary recommendations to address some of the issues with the reservation system.

“Your continued input is a crucial part of this process. Please contact me at my office at (360) 786-7678 or by email at Kevin.Ranker@leg.wa.govso that I may hear what you think and what ideas you may have so that we can keep people and commerce moving.”

Read Sen. Ranker’s letter to Sec. Peterson: 5_29_15_Sen_Ranker_wsdot_ferry_letter



4 thoughts on “Senator Ranker Asks for Input on the Ferry Reservation System

  1. Lee Taylor

    I think the new reservation system is great. I like it that I can plan ahead and don’t have to worry about getting there 2 hours early to get a space. I think it is well organized and so far I have not had a single issue getting or using a reservation. I honestly don’t understand why so many people are grumbling. I think it is a change for the good.

  2. Beth

    The current system needs to change to a 35% reservation/ 55% first come first serve set up. I can’t get reservations for my family for the 4th of July already! I myself would rather wait in line knowing I will get on board a particular ferry by getting in line early. It has been SO frustrating when I have had to make unplanned trips to the mainland – one a crucial doctor visit – and couldn’t get back to the island until the last ferry. This system is supposed to work for the clients, the taxpayers, and it is taking far too long to try a new fix. This is the summer, for goodness sakes please tweak the system now.

    Beth Andrewes, Tax Payer
    Lopez Island

  3. Skip clark

    The reservation system does not work for me.i would rather wait in line for three hours knowing I will get on trips to the mainland are never planned in advance.its because something broke or some last minute thing happens and I have to go and get back and I don’t know even a day in advance.this is our highway and to have to reserve a space is Wrong!please go back to 50 percent reserved and 50 percent standby.thank you

  4. Teri Caporgno

    I look forward to the summer for one reason. Going to San Juan Island. The Reservation system has made it nearly impossible for me to go anymore. I don’t know my schedule far enough in advance and I can’t be getting over there and getting stuck, not being able to get back in an emergency. Guess I’ll have to find a new favorite place that doesn’t include the ferry system.


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