More on reservation system breakdown

Tech new site GeekWire has a story on the ferry reservation system crash, and secured this statement from WSDOT:

“We got swamped, and then some. Swamped is of course a nautical term. So to continue in that vein, we are bailing (water, not out). Still afloat, and clawing back.

“In a nutshell: 30x sustained traffic versus any peak we’ve had since January. A bit more than expected (and within our tolerance), but it seems a software problem may have been concealed until now.”

Read the rest of the story here: Washington State ferries botch launch of online reservation system for summer sailings


5 thoughts on “More on reservation system breakdown

  1. Raiti Waerness

    When can we get an app for ferry reservations? There are too many steps, right now, + confirmation +print out …. not that easy if you are away from home. 44% of us in the islands are seniors. There has got to be a faster, easier way.

  2. Bob S.

    WHAT>>>>I SAY I SAY WHAT—–They got swamped and it is only mid April????? What do they think it will be like come summer, and especially for the 4’th of July. So very typical of what we expected.

  3. danfromsj

    Since they so widely advertised the magic date for when you can first make summer reservations, I would say they got what they asked for.
    I don’t know of any other reservation system that makes so public the roll-out rules — and then they complain that 30-30-30 may be too complicated. Try to understand an airline’s reservation availability rules– trial and error is about as close as you can get to an approximation. Even restaurant reservation availability rules are closely guarded. it is only complicated if you try to explain the details to the public– and you do so at your own peril.


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