Have fares reached a tipping point?

A guest post by Ann Dasch from the Seattle Transit Blog:

“At the December 10, 2014 meeting of the Washington State Transportation Commission, Chair Anne Haley questioned whether ferry fares might be in danger of rising above the tipping point, where a small increase in fares causes households to make major life changes to dramatically reduce their ferry expenditures. Survey responses, Census data, and changing ridership and fare revenue patterns indicate that has already occurred for some ferry users…

“Which customers have reached the tipping point? Research points to high volume households – those that purchase multi-ride tickets, especially commuters. While single trip passengers and drivers (including seniors) are buying more tickets than they did in 2002, multi-ride ticket sales fell dramatically..”.

Read the rest of the story here: WSF Reaches the Fare Tipping Point

Ms. Dasch serves on the Anderson Island Citizens’ Advisory Board and is has been active on the Pierce Committee since 2008. Anderson Island is served by Pierce County Ferries, not Washington State Ferries, although PCF often uses WSF fares as a guideline for fare policy.


One thought on “Have fares reached a tipping point?

  1. Mac Langford

    There may be another agenda – whether intentional or not. Were the fares more “reasonably” priced (whatever that might be) there would be greater demand. If there were significant greater demand, there would need to be greater capacity – more boats. I suspect increasing the number of boats in service would be at a cost the legislature would not be willing to consider.


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