Passenger counting on the ferries

This message was originally posted on Salish Rocks:

The US Coast Guard has put a new rule into place, effective immediately and permanently, that requires WSF staff to take an accurate count of every passenger boarding and disembarking the ferries, including passengers in vehicles. This will be taking place at the terminals as well as on the vessels. Given how often we’re working in low light conditions and the prevalence of very tinted windows, it’s very difficult to see in each vehicle.

It would be a tremendous help to us if drivers could hold up fingers for the total number of passengers in the car. If you’re traveling alone, please still hold up one finger (preferably the index…). This will help us keep the loadings moving efficiently since we won’t have to stop the line to check with each driver. It will also help us avoid needing to peer into your vehicle, which is comfortable for no one.

We understand that it will take time to get used to this, and we greatly appreciate your cooperation as we adjust to this new rule.

Thank you,
The Lopez Landing Crew


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