New Anacortes terminal info tool launched

WSF has just launched a new addition to the Vessel Watch system: it shows the vehicle spaces available at the Anacortes terminal for the day’s upcoming sailings. The capacity numbers update in real time, and the display is updates as often as every 15 seconds. The background color of the capacity number changes from green, to yellow, to red, as spaces are purchased (see example image below).

Travelers can now tell exactly how many people have already purchased tickets for a particular sailing, and plan accordingly. Note that for shared boats, the number displayed reflects all vehicles that have purchased tickets for each sailing, so space is not guaranteed for your island if you show up close to the time at which the tickets for the boat have all been purchased.

See the new tool in action here: Anacortes Terminal Conditions

Several of us have had access to this system while it was in beta development, and have found it to be very accurate and very helpful. For example, if you are trying to catch a particular ferry and aren’t sure if you have time to stop in Anacortes for gas or other errands before heading up to the terminal, you can check the system status and see how close the boat is to filling. I have used the tool several times and have found that it takes a lot of the stress out of catching the ferry home!

WSF is asking for feedback about the new tool, so be sure to do so by clicking the “Provide Feedback” link shown on the website.

Example of the display of the new Anacortes Terminal Conditions tool

Example of the display of the new Anacortes Terminal Conditions tool


6 thoughts on “New Anacortes terminal info tool launched

  1. sjbrooksyoung

    Thanks for posting this, Adrienne. I also was able to beta test the site this summer and fall. It has been a real help deciding whether or not to make the mad dash to the next boat. There are times in the past I would not have gone to the terminal thinking the boat would be full. However, using the counts provided on the website, I’ve gone ahead and gotten onto the boat every time!

  2. George

    The Anacortes Terminal tool would be more useful if it were available as an app or a quick reference from smart phones.

    1. Adrienne Adams Post author


      Please do leave your feedback about the tool by clicking the “Provide Feedback” link shown on the website. It is very important for WSF to hear ideas and suggestions such as yours. Thank you.

  3. Carol Jackson

    Love the terminal info , but how to get an app to get there quickly- had a heck of a time finding it !! It is a wonderful improvement!!!


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