Weekly news roundup

Ferry news for a somewhat quiet week, February 9th – 16th.

The Washington Sate Transportation Commission proposes a 10-year, $7.7 billion revenue package. Included is $290 million for WSF operations. Download the [PDF] proposal here.

WSF decides to “fix” the lean on the Chetzemoka, Salish and Kennewick by adding 180,000 pounds of additional ballast.


2 thoughts on “Weekly news roundup

  1. Mac Langford

    180,000 pounds for each of 3 boats comes to 540,000 pounds – over half a million tons of added weight to push around. Can anyone figure out the added annual fuel cost just to right (pun intended) an engineering error? (Although I did hear on a news cast that the lean was “intentional.” Can anyone explain this?)


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