Time Sensitive: Supporting HB 1129

We posted something here on January 31 about HB 1129, a bill Jeff Morris authored  that addresses new ferry construction. The House Transportation Committee votes tomorrow on whether or not to move the bill forward to the House. If you have time today to email members of the committee about the bill, which is supported by the Ferry Community Partnership (FCP), it would be helpful.

Here is an email from Adam Brockus, councilman from Bremerton. It provides information about the bill, talking points, and email addresses for committee members.

Fellow Ferry Riders,

On Thursday the House Transportation Committee will vote on HB 1129 -New Ferry Construction.  In it, a $5 Fee will be added to all Vehicle Licenses to pay for new Ferry Construction.  The FCP has read it, discussed it with Legislators, and has voted that we want it passed in the legislature this year.   Even if it doesn’t get enacted, every step forward it takes keeps momentum going for building new boats.


At 3:30pm tomorrow, it will be coming up for a vote to pass it out of the House Transportation Committee in Executive Session.  There will be no opportunity for testimony, but today we can send in e-mails to their offices that advocate FOR HB 1129.

Please e-mail the Legislators below with “For HB 119” or “Do Pass HB 1129 – New Ferry Construction” in the Subject, and then write a couple sentences why, such as:

1)Our Ferry Fleet is aging and must be replaced before they are forced to be removed

2)Ordering a 3rd & 4th Boat now will save money per each boat in succession

3)Like the replacement of Bridges, we must secure funding for our Marine Highways

4)More Interruptions because of our aging fleet hurts our economy and discourages investment

5)Putting new boats on will allow the Spokane, Tacoma, Wenatchee, and Puyallup to go to drydock and get the proper reconstruction paid for by federal dollars

Please do not “Copy-Paste” all these arguements, as their Leg Aides will spot this.   Just paraphrase a couple in one paragraph, than ask one more time for them to PASS HS 1129.  Then send them to the individual Legislators listed below.   It will be more effective if you send them individually rather than spamming them with the same one.  To be effective, you will need to send them by 7am tomorrow.

Please go and write to help up build new Ferries.

House Transportation Committee

> Clibborn, Judy (D) Chair, Judy.Clibborn@leg.wa.gov

> Fey, Jake (D) Vice Chair, Jake.Fey@leg.wa.gov

> Liias, Marko (D) Vice Chair, Liias.Marko@leg.wa.gov

> Moscoso, Luis (D) Vice Chair, Moscoso.Luis@leg.wa.gov

> Orcutt, Ed (R) Minority Ldr, Orcutt.Ed@leg.wa.gov

> Hargrove, Mark (R) Asst Minority Ldr, Hargrove.Mark@leg.wa.gov

> Overstreet, Jason (R) Asst Minority Ldr, Overstreet.Jason@leg.wa.gov

> Bergquist, Steve (D), Steve.Bergquist@leg.wa.gov

> Freeman, Roger (D), Roger.Freeman@leg.wa.gov

> Habib, Cyrus (D), Cyrus.Habib@leg.wa.gov

> Hayes, Dave (R), Dave.Hayes@leg.wa.gov

> Johnson, Norm (R), Norm.Johnson@leg.wa.gov

> Klippert, Brad (R), Brad.Klippert@leg.wa.gov

> Kochmar, Linda (R), Linda.Kochmar@leg.wa.gov

> Kretz, Joel (R) , Joel.Kretz@leg.wa.gov

> Kristiansen, Dan (R), Dan.Kristiansen@leg.wa.gov

> Moeller, Jim (D), Jim.Moeller@leg.wa.gov

> O’Ban, Steve (R) , Steve.OBan@leg.wa.gov

> Riccelli, Marcus (D) , Marcus.Riccelli@leg.wa.gov

> Rodne, Jay (R) , Jay.Rodne@leg.wa.gov

> Ryu, Cindy (D) , Cindy.Ryu@leg.wa.gov

> Sells, Mike (D), Mike.Sells@leg.wa.gov

> Shea, Matt (R) , Matt.Shea@leg.wa.gov

> Takko, Dean (D) , Dean.Takko@leg.wa.gov

> Tarleton, Gael (D) , Gael.Tarleton@leg.wa.gov

> Upthegrove, Dave (D) , Dave.Upthegrove@leg.wa.gov

> Zeiger, Hans (R) , Hans.Zeiger@leg.wa.gov

There is also Jan Angel, Jeff Morris, and Joe Fitzgibbon on the Committee, but they are already on our side.  Thank You again for supporting our ferries.

Adam C. Brockus, PE

Bremerton City Councilman, District 3

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