Ferry Traffic wallet card

WSF provides a “Best Travel Times” info sheet linked from its schedule pages, but it’s rather hard to find and is in a format that’s not very easy to carry with you. So, to help with your travel planning, we’ve put this info into a wallet-sized card you can download, print out, and carry with you. (Note: we’ve modified the info slightly from what is available from WSF, based on information from the Lopez Island terminal staff.)

Download it here: Ferry Traffic wallet card – Fall 2012 – Lopez

We’ll update this card with each new schedule, and you can always find the latest on our Documents page.

Please let us know how this card works for you, and let us know any suggestions you may have to make it better or more useful.


7 thoughts on “Ferry Traffic wallet card

  1. sjbrooksyoung

    This is great, Adrienne! Thanks for getting it together. Everybody please note, the 7:30 a.m. boat is coded yellow, but the 9:30 a.m. boat is coded red. You have a much better chance of getting on the 7:30 a.m. boat. Take advantage of that tidbit!

    1. sjbrooksyoung

      Hi Lance,
      I don’t think Adrienne is planning to do these for Orcas, Shaw, and San Juan, but she did mention something about being happy to share the template she created if someone on any of the other islands wanted to put one together. Let me know and I can get you connected with her.


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