King 5 story on ferry staffing issues

King 5 has done a story about the recent spate of cancelled or delayed sailings due to staffing issues. The article brings up the possibility that crews are staging a work slowdown, but a spokesman for the Inland Boatman’s Union denied any work stoppage or slow down, blaming mismanagement and barebones staffing levels instead.

“Ferries Deputy Chief George Capacci said they’re working to correct the problems. One issue they’re looking into is whether or not this is a type of work action. He says they’re talking to labor unions to see if disgruntled employees are causing a work slow-down to pressure management to give back lost wages and positions that have occurred over the last year.

“ ‘We need to have a full and open discussion about it, and we are looking into it, yes,’ said Capacci.

“…Union leader Dennis Conklin from the Inland Boatman’s Union told KING 5 there is no work stoppage or slow down taking place.

“ ‘The union has not authorized a work action and neither has the membership. It simply isn’t true. This is ferry system mismanagement. They don’t have enough people now. We’re down to the barebones and if one person is missing, the boat doesn’t sail,’ said Conklin.”

Once again, an excellent exchange is occurring on the FCP Yahoo Group. There are indications that the recent staffing issues may have an underlying cause in WSF’s inadequate tools and procedures for crew dispatch. It seems counter-productive to once again blame crews for issues that might be ascribed to procedures and policies within WSF management.

Read the full story here: Ferry system looks into possible work slow down


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