Senator Ranker rejects proposed service cuts for the San Juans

WSF has proposed extending the Winter schedule from 12 weeks to twenty, effectively cutting significant service during the Holiday season. For more on the proposed service cuts, see this article on the San Juan Islander: 5-month long winter ferry schedule?

Senator Ranker has joined 19 other legislators in writing to Governor Gregoire opposing cuts to service and asking that the state step up to secure predictable funding for the ferry system.

Senator Ranker’s letter:

“Dear Governor Gregoire,

“We are writing this letter to urge you to reject the elimination of ferry runs proposed by the Washington State Department of Transportation in its 2013-2015 budget decision package.

“The service reductions put forth represent a significant loss to those communities that depend upon our marine highway system as a linkage with the rest of the state – economically and culturally.

“After a decade of significant but strategic cuts, the existing system is already running at a bare-bones level of service, with no plans afoot for future expansion. The remaining runs have been deemed year after year to be of significant economic value to our region and our national security and, for that reason, have been preserved by the legislature. On a predictable, almost annual basis, we find ourselves facing DOT budget proposals that undermine the economic stability of our counties by inferring that today’s ferry system is not worthy of preservation and that its fate is uncertain. On a predictable, almost annual basis, the legislators that form the ferry caucus spend precious session time to fight back these proposals.

“Today we say to you: Enough is enough.

“Since 2000, we have cut and cut and cut the ferry system. The state is officially out of the passenger-only-ferry business and every route has sustained reductions in service. Over the past four years we have worked with Washington State Ferries to generate savings of over $40 million – the result of reducing staff, new labor agreements, shrinking paid consultants and studies, and improved efficiency in maintenance and operations.

“At the same time, for the past decade ferry riders have done their part to sustain the ferry system by paying higher general fares to help cover both operating and capital costs, resulting in a recovery rate far higher than any transit system in the state and one which has made the system unaffordable for many riders. In exchange for these fare increases, riders are presented with reduced service and constant threats of further loss.

“As we do every year, we stand ready to work with you to turn around this situation.

“During the 2012 session, the Legislature adopted two revenue bills to address some of the transportation revenue shortfalls – much of this revenue was intended to help sustain the ferry system without limiting the service upon which our communities rely.

“Just last April, Senator Haugen and Representative Clibborn sent a letter stating the Legislature’s intent to appropriate funds sufficient to maintain ferry routes and schedules at existing levels, in an effort to avoid costly public hearings and the economic undermining caused by press releases proposing cuts. This letter is attached.

“Again, we urge you to reject the proposed service cuts and to put forth a transportation budget that reflects the shared priorities of our state – a budget that considers our remaining state ferry system to be public transportation infrastructure worthy of being maintained.

“We thank you for hearing our concerns and look forward to your support.”


One thought on “Senator Ranker rejects proposed service cuts for the San Juans

  1. sjbrooksyoung

    During the September meeting in Anacortes, both Senator Ranker and Rep. Lytton made it clear that our letters to legislators do make a difference. In the final weeks before the election this would be a great time to write to our elected officials and candidates to let them know your thoughts on ferry-related issues and to ask about their stand on the ferry system.


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