Minutes from September 22 FCP meeting in Anacortes

Apologies for the delay in posting these. Some highlights:

[Senator] Ranker: We need to get to a place where Ferries are taken seriously in the budget.  Cuts would be devastating to all runs.  We are united in opposing all cuts.  Also troubling is the Communications and Marketing Budget.  We were told by the Governor’s Office that the Reservation System will happen.  I understand the reason to avoid expanding terminals, but not in this year.  I think the position should be to postpone any expansion of Reservations System until sustainable funding has been achieved.

[Representative] Lytton: A lot of people don’t understand how vital efficient ferry service is to the economy.  The perception is that everyone in the San Juans is rich, which is definitely not true.  We must find sustainable funding or we’ll have this battle every year.  The Ferry Caucus proposed to Paula Hammond to table the reservation system.  She wouldn’t negotiate.

Draft goals for the Ferry Community Partnership in 2013:

  1. Support Long term Sustainable Funding for operations and capital
  2. Keep Current Service Levels and postpone implementation of reservations system until at least 2015
  3. Support Plan to replace three 60-year old boats by 2019 – One can be a 3rd Olympic Class funded now for economy of scale
  4. (Optional) Support Conversion of one Issaquah-class to LNG

Read the minutes here: FCP Anacortes Meeting Sept. 22, 2012


2 thoughts on “Minutes from September 22 FCP meeting in Anacortes

  1. James

    …..The Ferry Caucus proposed to Paula Hammond to table the reservation system. SHE WOULDN’T NEGOTIATE……

    “and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

    Well, so much for that outmoded idea……

  2. Adrienne Adams Post author

    James, the first reservations planning meeting for the San Juans will be held on October 24th in Friday Harbor. It is a public meeting and everyone is encouraged to attend. The meeting will be held at Friday Harbor House at 130 West Street, from 11:45 am to 1:45 pm.


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