WSF’s presentation to the WSTC — info on reservation system

On July 18th, WSF made a presentation to the Washington State Transportation Commission (WSTC) on the following topics:

  • New Olympic Class 144-car ferries under construction
  • Kwa-di Tabil Class 64-car ferries now in service
  • New eastern Washington Keller ferry Sanpoil
  • Ridership, fare revenue, and capital surcharge
  • New vehicle reservations system

You can view a recording of the proceedings on TVW. The portion reporting on the reservation system begins at approximately the 5-hour mark of the video and runs 27 minutes. Ray Deardorf and Brian Chruchwell presented information and data about the first weeks of the new Coupeville-Port Townsend reservation; issues that are being identified with the current reservation website; and discussion about Phase II (San Juan Islands) community partnership.

Director Moseley directly addresses potential issues with San Juan Islands implementation around the 5-hour 25-minute mark. He maintains that the partnership meetings will drive the business rules for implementation. “I’m open to the belief that maybe it [reservations] won’t work on some locations. I ask them to be open to the belief that maybe it will work… The point [of the community partnership meetings] is to work through the problems. The point is not to come to an early conclusion, ‘oh, this can’t work.’ ”

Link to the presentation slides


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