How much do WSF employees make?

Dan Twohig from the Ferry Community Partnership forwarded us the link to the results of the 2012 Marine Employees’ Compensation Survey. The full 128-page report (which includes details on wages and benefits of the surveyed positions) can be downloaded from this link: 2012 Marine Employees’ Compensation Survey.

Washington State office of Financial Management (OFM) is charged with conducting a comprehensive survey “of comparable maritime employers, in both the public and private sectors, along the west coast of the US and Canada.” Organizations that participated in the 2012 survey include the Alaska Marine Highway System, BC Ferries, Foss Marine, Port of Seattle, Sound Transit, and others. The survey compared comparable positions in three areas: Ferry/Terminal; Shipyards; and Administrative.

So how do WSf employees, shipbuilders, and administrators stack up against their counterparts in other organizations? Here are excerpts from the survey’s Executive Summary:

Ferry Terminal Benchmark Positions

  • Comparisons were again made against the market including and excluding Alaska Marine Highway Systems Cost of Living Differential (COLD).
  • WSFS Ferry/Terminal positions lag the market average (including and excluding benefits) this year as opposed to leading it in both areas in previous years. Factors contributing to this new market lag include the State’s 3% salary reduction in addition to market actual average salaries increasing by approximately 8% (excluding COLD; approximately 7% including COLD).
  • Overall in 2012, WSFS actual base salary lags the market by 6.7%, on average excluding COLD and 12.1% including COLD for these positions.
  • Base pay including benefits for WSFS Ferry/Terminal positions lags the market by 7.9% on average excluding COLD and 12.7% including COLD…
  • An additional comparison was made in this year’s report in response to the new provisions within the MM&P, MEBA (Licensed and Unlicensed), FASPAA, and IBU contracts of a 17.5% assignment pay for Relief Employees.
    • With assignment pay, WSFS Relief Employees actual average pay leads the market by 9.2% excluding COLD and 3.5% including COLD on average.
    • None of the participants in the Ferry/Terminal comparator groups were found to pay differentials or pay rates higher than the position with which they relieve (additional details can be found in the Ferry and Terminal Premium Pay and Benefits Summaries).

Shipyard Benchmark Positions

  • The Shipyard market data for benchmark positions tracks reasonably well with the 2010 report in terms of base salary as well as actual pay plus benefits.
    • Despite wage decreases for these positions, WSFS Shipyard positions lag the market only by 5.4% at actual base salary – compared to 2010 where they lagged the market by 4%.
    • The Shipyard benchmark positions lead the market by .4% on average at base salary including benefits which is fairly consistent with their lead of 1.8% in 2010.

Administrative Benchmark Positions

  • WSFS’s Administrative positions continue with last year’s trend by becoming slightly more competitive than the previous year.
    • Average base salary for WSFS Administrative positions lags the market by approximately 15.7%.
    • Base salary plus benefits lags the market by 15.2%.

The full survey is also available on our Documents page.


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