WSF, BC Ferries exploring joint boat purchases

An article from the Kitsap Sun discusses Rep. Morris’ idea for WSF and BC Ferries to explore the option of purchasing boats together to save costs.

“Vigor Shipyards of Seattle is building two 144-car boats for the state. The more it builds, the cheaper they’ll get, said the Mount Vernon Democrat, no matter who’s paying. The first boat is estimated at $147 million, the second at $129 million and the third could fall around $90 million, he said…

” ‘We should explore any idea that will cut the cost of building ferries,’ said Rep. Larry Seaquist, D-Gig Harbor. ‘Sharing a multi-boat buy with BC Ferries could be a good way to bring more work to our outstanding Puget Sound shipbuilders.’

“By law, Washington State Ferries’ vessels must be built in-state. BC Ferries’ boats can be constructed anywhere. Its last batch was built in Germany…”

Read the full story here: BC, Washington ferry officials to explore benefits of working together


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