Thank you, Ferry Community Partnership!

We thought we’d share this photo of the hardworking members of the Ferry Community Partnership. They have done a tremendous job this year lobbying on behalf of ferry served communities. The group has also made a big effort to engage citizens from the San Juans & Fidalgo islands through scheduling regular meetings in Anacortes. Hats off to all!

The photo was taken by Debbi Lester, Councilmember/Mayor, Bainbridge Island at the March 31st meeting. She has identified all but two of the people in the photo (we’ll update the caption once we have those names).

(L-R back row): House Representative Larry Seaquist (26th District), Doug Rauh (Bainbridge Island), Greg Beardsley (Vashon Island), Ann Erickson (Bremerton), Councilmember Adam Brockus (Bremerton), Eric (?) (Bremerton), (L-R front row): Frank Nelson (Bremerton), Councilmember / Mayor Debbi Lester (Bainbridge Island), Kitsap County Commissioner Charlotte Garrido, Mayor Patty Lent (Bremerton), Kari Ulatoski (Vashon Island), (On Screen via Skype): Councilmember Howie Rosenfeld (San Juan County), and Jim Corenman (Ferry Advisory Committee, San Juan County) (?)


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