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The following message arrived this morning from Adam Brockus. It explains one of the major activities for tomorrow’s FCP meeting and asks for your input.

“I have written the attached to go out to the Transportation Chairs as they go into their Conference Committee. Please review and have your comments in by our next FCP Meeting on Saturday, March 10 at 9:30am. Mayor Lent’s comments will be heard first as she has another event to go to at 10am, but we will come out with a conformed letter at the end of the meeting. To our Legislators, please review, and if you know who else will be in the Conference Committee, we would appreciate their names as well.”

Here is the text of the draft letter in Adam’s attachment:

Sen. Mary-Margaret Haugen, Senate Chairwoman

Sen. Curtis King, Senate Minority Leader

Rep. Judy Clibborn, House Chairwoman

Rep. Mike Armstrong, House Minority Leader

Olympia, WA


Dear Mary-Margaret and Judy:

Thank you for passing out of the House and Senate the state transportation budget for 2013-2015, and especially for preserving the runs and routes that are currently operating.  You have spared our cities and communities further economic hardship in this recession.

As you go into the Conference Committee, we hope that you can continue to keep our Ferries as a dependable transportation asset with these priorities in mind:

1)      Complete Funding for the Second 144-car boat.  The completion of the boat will complete the replacement of the four Steel Electric Boats and the M/V Rhododendron with the three Kwa-di Tabil Class and two 144-car boats.

2)      Protect Against Fare Increases. The Cities and Markets have been hit for years with high fare increases, sometimes coming sooner from the Transportation Commission than intended by the Governor or Legislature.

3)      Maintain Current Service through 2015.  Every year we have been threatened with less trips and even removed routes on our ferries.  Please make it clear to the next Governor that that is not an option.  Our communities and markets need stability!

4)      Passenger-Only Docks are important and must be preserved, even during construction.  Although WSF is not in the Passenger Ferry Business anymore, by the RCW they must continue to provide passenger docks to local agencies for their runs.  This benefits both the cities, but the WSF as well.

5)      Maintain Toll Credits for the Port of Kingston.  This will help their Kingston-Seattle Service at little cost to WSF.

We thank you for listening to us this session, and we hope to continue towards working to fix the largest marine highway system in the United States.


If you plan to attend tomorrow’s meeting virtually, you will have an opportunity to make suggestions or comments then. Otherwise, please send remarks to Adam at

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