Update on Transportation bills

Senator Rolfes has an update for the Ferry Community Partnership (FCP) on the progress of transportation funding:

The Senate passed the fee bill last night with very little fanfare,
which includes enough money for the last boat and sustained service for the short-term. The ferry advisory committee bill is dead, but we have enough information now to really work on it over the interim (pre-2013). And we’re gaining a little steam on POF [passenger-only ferry] issues. I’d have preferred 10 year service stability, but we bought some time to focus on that next year.

We’ll see, when the Transportation Budget is released, whether we’re going to be ok. Then, you guys can activate… I’d consider it a job well done. At least for the next 4 days…

Senate fee bills: SB6455, SB6150

There is another transportation fee bill making its way through the House which appears to offer some short-term budget relief. We will continue to keep our readers posted on the progress of these bills and other transportation funding news.


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