Senate Transportation Committee fee bills

The Senate Transportation Committee has put forth two bills which will, if passed, provide additional transportation revenue.

SB6455 and SB6150 would raise fees for such services as driver’s license & plate renewals, vehicle title registration, and dealer’s plates.

According to bill co-sponsor Senator Mary Margaret Haugen, the fee increases could provide “preliminary estimates of about $52M for the remainder of the current biennium and about $165M in the 2013-15 biennium.” However, there are no details yet about what the additional revenue will go to fund—specifically, how much would go to ferries. We will let our readers know more as we get specific information.

In any case, time is of the essence. If you haven’t yet written to our representatives, now is the time to do it.

According to San Juan Islands FAC member Howie Rosenfeld, “Supplemental Transportation Budget ESHB2878: According to Sen. Ranker it won’t be released for 2 weeks. It is supposed to be discussed in executive sessions of the transportation committees today [February 7]. They will try to incorporate some of the fees from last year’s 2053 enough to build another 144. According to [WSF Secretary] Moseley this patch will hopefully be enough to get WSF through the 13-15 biennium.”

Senator Ranker

Senator Mary Margaret Haugen (Senate Transportation Committee Chair)

Representative Judy Clibborn (House Transportation Committee Chair)

The San Juan FAC website has a good overview of the ferry funding situation on their Updates page: Ferry Advisory Committee Updates.


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