Legislation updates from the FCP

Adam Brockus of the Ferry Community Partnership has posted info about two proposed transportation bills:

Fellow Ferry Riders,

We now have bill numbers for this session’s transportation bills:

HB-2660 and SB-6455 – The links to the original bills are below.



Please take tonight to look them over and determine:

  1. Differences between the two bills
  2. What parts affect ferries?
  3. How much revenue is brought in and how much does it go to the ferry budget?

Adam C. Brockus, PE
Bremerton City Councilman, District 3

And Kari’s reply:

As far as ferries are concerned, there are no differences. I am disappointed that we can’t get a bit more $$ for ops and mtc or some idea of how much we will have to fight for funding for our second vessel.

The important message is to really encourage the Legislature to work together to come up with a transportation bill the voters will pass that will address the capital side for our transportation infrastructure. That will be the biggie!

Kari Ulatoski

The Ferry Community Partnership is actively lobbying the legislature this session for adequate ferry funding. If you would like to support their efforts and contribute directly to their listserve, send an email to 4fcp-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Include “subscribe” in the subject line.


One thought on “Legislation updates from the FCP

  1. Adrienne Adams Post author

    Here are funding details of SB-6455 from Kari:

    The first bill is SB-6455: Proposes 1.143% for ferry operations and management, down from 1.375% (Section 3, page 4, line 23). 66% goes to hwy maintenance.
    Proposes capital vessel replacement account in Section 10, page 10, line 35. But doesn’t say how much. This is the refined oil fee that has been discussed for a while now. The capital vessel replacement account is where that $0.25 per each ferry ticket is being put. But take a look at the long list of other things.
    Is it enough? Very unlikely, especially with less of a percentage for ops with all our old vessels. The big issue is to insure that the Legislature creates a good, solid transportation capital bill to the voters later this year!


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