Updates from the FCP

This is a message form Kari Ulatoski, chair of the Ferry Community Partnership. (Numbers refer to the attachments listed below the message.)

We have a page we added to our goals [1] and have provided ferry-only information on the fact sheet [2] to give out to aides and [elected officials]. The first page is what we will leave with legislators and the rest we will give to aides.

We are trying to confirm information provided by our guests from Transportation Choices who attended our meeting on 1/7 regarding observations that only 70% of the [funding for] road infrastructure in the US is provided by users. The number is significant in comparing ferry farebox recovery of the same. We’ll get that info to you as soon as we can.

Here are drafts of bills getting ready to go into the hopper in Olympia. Larry Seaquist has one on ferry fares [3] and another on Ferry Accountability and Reform [4]. [The first] is on a more permanent structure for the FAC-tariff and [the second] on incident investigation.

There [is also a draft bill] from Sen. Christine Rolfes. Sen. Rolfes’ bill proposes to enhance the power of the Ferry Advisory Committees [5] – the FAC Executive Committee is meeting to discuss that on 1/19.

The Tariff one [5] has been looked over and received input from some of the FACs/FCP participants, and would be a good bill to support. It provides statutory support for the tariff group and is not a creation of the Transportation Commission. The last time they [the Transportation Commission] disagreed with the tariff group they disbanded it.

You can still advocate support as these bills all represent Ferry reforms for management, fares, and user input.

This is a short session, so get on the horn now to Olympia, send letters (VMICC, too, as well as other local [elected officials]) and talk to others in the rest of the state!

We need to convince the legislature to stop using band-aids to cover the shot gun wound!

Best Regards,

Kari Ulatoski, FCP, Vashon

Here are links to the attachments Kari references:

  1. FCP Talking Points DRAFT
  2. FCP Legislative Handout DRAFT
  3. Concerning Ferry Fares and Operating Costs HB 3309 DRAFT-2
  4. Ferry Accountability and Reform Act DRAFT
  5. FAC reorg bill DRAFT

One thought on “Updates from the FCP

  1. sjbrooksyoung

    Thanks for sharing this information, Adrienne. Readers who are not able to go to Olympia to lobby can use this to contact local elected officials including Sen. Ranker and Reps. Lytton and Morris. When I attended the meeting in Bremerton, the consensus was best to take action by early February. Email addresses are available on our Contact page.

    Again, if anyone is available to take the lead on hosting an FCP meeting in Anacortes in February, I’d be glad to help make the arrangements. I am working every weekend and not available to attend an actual meeting, but happy to help get one set up.


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