Ferry Advisory Committee Coming to Lopez

The regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the FAC will be held on Lopez Island in January.

Date: January 11

Time: 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.

Location: Lopez Library meeting room

This is an excellent opportunity to learn first-hand about what is happening with the ferry system. Previous meetings on Lopez have been very well attended and we hope that will be the case again for this meeting.

The legislative session this winter is short. There will be critical transportation issues that directly impact the San Juan Islands. Now is the time for locals to get involved. Please plan to attend.

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5 thoughts on “Ferry Advisory Committee Coming to Lopez

  1. Randall Waugh

    The Galley (kitchen & dining area) on every ferry provides an opportunity to feature locally produced food products enhancing the local economy by supporting local farmers and food processors. (Detect a theme here?)
    The potential benefit to the ferry served communities remains unrealized as the galleys ride back and forth in all their stainless steel certified kitchen glory serving industrial grade mass produced “food”. That is, when they are open for business at all.
    The ferry administration must see the galleys solely as a revenue source because they require such a large percentage of the money generated by them. The galleys are paid for, the equipment installed, permits obtained, local food abundantly produced, and talented food artists abound.
    Please rethink this budgeting system. Let the locals sell local food. I reckon in the long run your ledgers will show a gain. Even if the ledgers do not, the local economy will.

  2. Adrienne Adams

    Thanks you Randall for your input. Would you be able to come to the meeting next week and present your views to the FAC in person? This blog is run by a citizens’ group and isn’t an “official” channel to WSF, so your voice at the meeting would be most effective.

      1. sjbrooksyoung Post author

        It’s always possible to contact the San Juan County Ferry Advisory Committee by emailing them at fac@sanjuanco.com. You can also click on the Contacts page of this blog to find telephone numbers and email addresses for WSF officials.

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