Viewing December 1st meeting online

If you are unable to travel to Friday Harbor this Thursday for the WSF Community meeting (see here and here for more info) you can watch the meeting through a live video stream from your computer. The web address for the live meeting is:

Here are some tips for watching the live stream:

  • You may need to install the Silverlight plug-in for your browser, so it’s a good idea to go to the above address a few minutes before the meeting starts to make sure that you don’t miss the beginning.
  • Once you’re on the website, there will be a short delay while the video opens. Once it starts, the video and audio streaming should be continuous. If your internet speed is slow the video and audio streaming may stop and show a “buffering” message, then start again after a short delay.
  • Wireless (wi-fi) connections may be slow. Use a wired internet connection if possible.
  • Other computers on the same network can use a large portion of the available bandwidth, for example music or video streaming. For the best results make sure you or other members of your household aren’t streaming videos or downloading files while you’re watching the meeting.
  • The streaming rate should be adequate for DSL connections as slow as 384 or 512 kbits/second. Dial-up connections will NOT be adequate for watching the meeting live.

If you are unable to stream the meeting, or will not be available to watch it live, the meeting will be recorded and you may visit the website the following day and watch it:

If there are specific topics or issues that you would like to see covered, please email them to the FAC:


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