Frequent ridership down, study finds

A fare study commissioned by the Washington State Transportation Commission shows that, while the numbers of “unique” riders has increased, the number of riders using frequent trip discounts has decreased. There are several factors that could be causing the decrease in use of frequent-rider tickets, including increased cost, lack of refunds for unused tickets, and the change from paper ticket books to non-sharable Wave2Go electronic tickets.

This article in the Kitsap Sun has more details. The full report can be downloaded here: WSF Fare Media Study: Draft Situation Assessment

If you are taking fewer trips, not using the Wave2Go frequent-rider tickets, or not buying frequent-trip tickets as often, we’d like to hear your reasons. You can leave a comment below.


3 thoughts on “Frequent ridership down, study finds

  1. Steve

    So not one but three consulting firms were hired by the Joint Transportation Committee (at the State Legislature’s instructions, according to this article), to conduct a “fare media study.” At what cost? How much of the overall operating budget goes to hiring multiple outside agencies to conduct studies (and does any of this money spent on these studies come from what we pay for tickets)?

    Like any good article–and I’m not being facetious at this statement–this one raises far more questions upon a close reading than it answers.

  2. Karalynn Ott

    I live in Seattle but have property on San Juan Island. I would love to purchase/use Wave2Go frequent-rider tickets more often, as they’re a great value for us part-time islanders. The main reason I don’t is that oftentimes it’s hard to use all 5 uses within 3 months. I try to go up to SJI at least once a month, but at that rate, that’s still only 3 uses w/in 3 months. I would love for there to be a longer-term frequent-rider ticket program for island property owners who are just part-timers; even having the tickets valid for 4 months, instead of 3, would help a lot. Having them valid for 5 months would be a dream! It would definitely encourage me to go to the island more often. When I don’t have a set of frequent user tickets (and thus have to pay more), I go less frequently.


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