WSF unions ratify new contract, take a pay cut

Last week the five unions that represent WSF employees ratified a new contract for 2011-2012 that includes a 3% pay cut. The contract also reduces overtime from double time to time and a half, and eliminates a controversial practice of paying some workers to travel to and from work. The contract is expected to save the State up to $10 million per year.

After signing the contract, the Inlandboatmen’s Union issued a statement, taking the Legislature to task for neglecting to find a stable source of funding for WSF :

“The chairs of the Transportation Committees have had over ten years to resolved this funding issue for the marine highways, which are constitutionally part of this state highway system, and to date the only solution seems to be higher fares, cuts in service, and sacrifices from the employees.”

HeraldNet: Ferry workers’ contracts done, but political battles remain
Kitsap Sun: Final Washington State Ferries union ratifies new contract with budget concessions


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