Ferry Community Partnership needs our help

The Ferry Community Partnership (FCP) is a group of concerned elected officials, members of Ferry Advisory Committee members, and ferry riders who have joined forces to find ways to support WSF. As residents of a ferry-served community, we are all members of this group which has worked diligently to prevent increases in fares and reductions in service. FCP is also encouraging legislators to address the concerns of an aging fleet and to find sustainable funding sources for WSF.

In light of proposed budgets currently being considered in the House and the Senate, FCP has identified several ways to reduce costs and avoid proposed fare increases and service cuts. The suggestions with the greatest immediate impact include:

1. Delay implementation of Reservation System ($7.1 million in savings)

2. Delay implementation of IT Timekeeping System ($7.1 million in savings)

3. Cut Vessel and Terminal Design Offices (up to $16.6 million in savings)

and are explained more fully in the document linked near the end of this post.

FCP contacted us to ask readers to take a few minutes to email, call, or fax the governor to suggest that these three cost reduction measures be implemented immediately. Here is her contact information:

Email http://www.governor.wa.gov/contact/default.asp

Phone: 360-902-4111

Fax: 360-753-4110

FCP is sending the governor a longer list of suggested cuts and a letter. They are available here in draft form. This file includes background information on the suggested cuts and a draft of the letter that will be sent by FCP.

This is time sensitive. If you can, please act by Friday afternoon.

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