Your Help Is Needed!

I received an email yesterday morning from Kari Ulatoski of the FCP. In the next 2/12 weeks, the FCP needs two things from San Juan Islands residents:

  1. Signed petitions to the Governor
  2. Data from local businesses on the fiscal impact of cuts in ferry service

Here is the text of Kari’s email.

Hi All,

On Friday, 12/10, some of the FACs and FCP members went down to Olympia to meet with members of the legislative ferry caucus. Due to the special session, most were not able to participate directly, but many stopped by to drop off notes and wish us well. We were fortunate to see many Legislative Assistants there. Reps Bailey, Smith, Angel were able to attend in person and Sen-elect Nelson phone in.

It was clear from the get go that all of us are on the same page. The most important information we can provide is on how cuts in service will affect businesses, tourism, property values. Any and all hard data on how ferry cuts threaten our livlihoods, jobs, etc. is absolutely essential so that it can be determined just how much money could be saved by cuts versus what could be lost in income to ferry communities. I’ve also attached a copy of the FCP petition.

Over 250 people signed and attended our WSF meeting on Vashon on 12/9. More have signed since then. If you need copies of the petition to carry around the ferries, to your meetings, etc., I’ve attached one here as well in both pdf and word. I strongly suggest getting as many signatures and the hard data to me ( or your FACs by no later than 12/31. We may have a few more weeks after that, but keep up the momentum!

We had 8000 signatures 2 years ago, so we need at least that many or more! The ferry caucus in Olympia has asked if we could meet early in the session after the holidays and we have committed to doing so. Please help us by getting information on your businesses, commuters, etc in your communities and get those petitions signed and back to your FAC chairs.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Kari Ulatoski

FHCRC Protocol Office


Phone: (206) 667-5802

Fax: (206) 667-6068

The petition form referenced in Kari’s email can be accessed here and Kari’s email address is in her email. You can also fax the information to her. Please do what you can to spread the word on all the islands. In addition, petitions are available for signing at the library, Caffe la Boheme, Isabel’s, Islehaven Books, and Paper, Scissors on the Rock. If you are in the village and haven’t signed one, please do. Thanks! Petitions also now available at Sunset Builders’ Supply and Islandale.

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One thought on “Your Help Is Needed!

  1. sjbrooksyoung Post author

    Susan Muckle sent me this response and I asked for her permission to post it here. If you have a comment on any posts, please feel free to click Leave a Comment and add it to the site so everyone can read it.

    “Sounds like Moseley’s approach was similar to what he told the Vashon Is. crowd. I agree that sooner or later they are going to have to look at union contracts. No one wants to take a pay cut, but when people all around you are losing jobs completely, having to cut back on salary or benefits for awhile almost seems like a civic duty. And why! Is the build-only-in WA law such a sacred cow?

    The impact on the people who have no choice but the ferries seems to me to be greater than any sacrifices most other citizens of the state are being asked to make….but of course I do have a slight bias.

    I’ll definitely write the governor.”


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